Founded in 1908, 黑料天堂 is the editorially independent聽student newspaper at the University of South Carolina. Dailygamecock.com, along with a daily email edition, is your online source for 黑料天堂's coverage of all things 黑料天堂.听

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Mission Statement

黑料天堂鈥檚 mission is to inform, seek the truth and inspire聽through our reporting on issues that face the Carolina community.

1400 Greene St., Russell House 3rd Floor
Columbia, SC 28205

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Editorial Staff

Kate Robins, Editor-in-Chief
Ava Rossini, Copy Desk Chief
Riley Edenbeck, Managing Editor
Savannah Nagy, Creative Director
Emmy Ribero, News Editor
Win Hammond, Assistant News Editor
Marley Bassett, Assistant News Editor
Emma Davisson, Beat Writer, Infrastructure
Carrigan Woodson, Beat Writer, Student Government
Griffin Goodwyn, Sports Editor
Will Kelly, Assistant Sports Editor
Annie Poteat, Assistant Sports Editor
Emma Edwards, Beat Writer, Off-Season Sports
Jaydon Ford, Beat Writer, Athlete Features
Will Miller, Beat Writer, Club Sports
Damian Bertrand, Assistant Arts & Culture Editor
Varsha Gowda, Opinion Editor
Jenna Swenson, Assistant Opinion Editor
Alicia Caracciolo, Co-Photo Editor
Taylor Kitchens, Co-Photo Editor
Delany Kral, Senior Photographer
Emma Wyatt, Senior Photographer
Anna Ottinger, Co-Design Director
Callie Hribar, Co-Design Director
Clay Laucella, Senior Designer
Grant Richa, Senior Designer
Bridget Tracy, Assistant Copy Desk Chief
Addison Scott, Senior Copy Editor
Elena Keller, Senior Content Creator